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I am Captain Jason Schneiderhahn.  I’m a fully insured USCG certified captain.  My speciality is targeting trophy blue catfish on the Mississippi River near St. Louis, and Spoonbill at the Lake of the Ozarks.  I fish from Grafton, Illinois to Chester, Illinois and the Lake of the Ozarks in search of trophy blue catfish and Spoonbill.

We spoonbill fish from March 15th through April 30th at the Lake of the Ozarks.  We catfish from May 1st through mid October conditions permitting.  My main style of fishing consists of controlled drifting and back bouncing.  These fishing styles put blue catfish and spoonbill on the boat.  The three main species of catfish we catch are blues, channels, and flat head catfish.  Our goal is to land trophy blues and spoonbill but we occasionally hook up  on multiple catfish species.

I have lived in St. Louis my whole life and I’m an avid outdoorsman. Growing up, I fished lakes and creeks with my father and brothers targeting largemouth bass all over Missouri.  Not until about 2005 did my addiction for catfish take hold and now I can’t get enough! Once I felt the fight of a blue catfish I was hooked. There is no other fish in the area that puts up a fight like the Mississippi River blue catfish.

I only use the freshest bait. People think catfish are trash eaters when in actuality they can be very picky. Now people do get lucky from time to time and catch catfish on hotdogs, dough baits and what not, but you will not find any of this in my boat. I use fresh Skipjack Herring, Mooneye Herring, Goldeneye Herring, and Gizzard Shad. The fresher the bait the better productivity and the more catfish we land.

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The Boat

2020 SeaArk 240 ProCat with a Suzuki 250ss

This is a very stable and safe boat for fishing the big rivers.  I am fully rigged with all of the latest and greatest gear to insure you have the best odds possibly for landing your trophy fish.

Additional Information

  • An additional charge of $100 per passenger will apply for more than 2 passengers, 4 passenger max

    • If group exceeds 4 passengers, inquire about chartering second or third boat
  • I like to practice CPR (Catch, Photograph & Release) which helps ensure a healthy fishery for future generations

  • I do not clean catfish.  If you would like to keep your catch it must be 10lbs or less

  • I do offer spoonbill cleaning for an additional charge.

  • You must bring a cooler if you choose to keep your catch


  • Fishing Equipment

  • Bait

  • Ice & Water

  • Unbeatable Experience

What You Will Need To Bring

  • Current state fishing license

  • Food & Drink

  • Camera


  • Appropriate apparel considering weather conditions for your trip (hat, sunglasses, rain gear, etc.)

We’ll provide the freshest bait available

stlcatfishing - gizzard shad
Gizzard Shad
stlcatfishing skip jack herring
Skipjack Herring
stlcatfishing golden eye
Golden Eye Herring
Asian Carp

We catch trophy blue catfish on the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers from May 1st through mid October.

4 Hour Trip

$ 425

2 Passengers
Guided Catfishing Trip

$100 per additional passenger, up to 4 max

6 Hour TripMost Popular

$ 525

2 Passengers
Guided Catfishing Trip

$100 per additional passenger, up to 4 max

We target monster spoonbill at the Lake of the Ozarks from March 15th – April 30th.  Please thoroughly review the Missouri Department of Conservation rules and regulations by clicking the link below before booking your trip.

MDC Spoonbill Rules and Regulations

4 Hour TripLake of the Ozarks

$ 525

2 Passengers
Guided Spoonbill Trip

$100 per additional passengers, up to 5 max

Please Read

The Missouri Department of Conservation requires a daily limit of 2 spoon bill per passenger with a requirement of keeping every spoonbill caught.  Due to this requirement, the fishing trip is finished and over once we have reached the daily limit.

*For larger groups please inquire about chartering additional boats* 

Gratuity is always appreciated.  We work extremely hard to provide you an exceptional fishing experience! 

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